019: I Guess That’s Why You’re The Producer

Math will be there when the snow melts
He may not have the tools, but Jacob has big plans to build winter lodgings on public land. Mike resurrects a gaggle of log dead snow people and his father's ice phallus. Don't put clothes on the dog.

There are a bunch of reasons to have someone take over your thing while you're gone. Share your audience and take a break every once in a while. Just don't get your hopes up for this show, folks.

The main topic this week is podcasting for beginners. The barrier to entry is dropping too low. They venture into the weeds on gear, but first come up with some general advice for how you should expect things to go to start and how to keep things going. Don't spend too much $ on microphones to start. Record in your closet. Make your priorities planning, sustainability, and enjoying the process.

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